April 6, 2016

The SunTrac SmartPanel System integrates with Commercial Air & Heat / HVAC Systems upgrading roof top packages for new and existing, installed commercial cooling and heating systems, as well as commercial refrigeration systems. It utilizes renewable solar thermal energy to create HVAC system energy savings of up to 40%. It works with multi-stage, variable speed, and variable capacity compressors, including tandems, and also upgrades single speed compressor systems using Emerson’s HVAC Drive H300 variable frequency drives, and integrates with HVAC system ranging from 3 tons to over 500 tons.

Once installed, SunTrac’s parabolic solar thermal panel system generates thermal energy, which displaces a portion of the pressure and heat normally provided by the compressor, thereby reducing the HVAC systems electricity consumption by up to 40%. “SunTrac’s controllable HVAC patented solar thermal concentrator panels are the most advanced and efficient solar thermal panels’ available today.” said Rich Cooley, SunTrac’s CEO. “We are excited to add Emerson’s variable frequency drives to our innovative solar thermal HVAC packages.

Our packages empower commercial HVAC system owners to upgrade their basic new and existing equipment to high-efficiency solar-assisted systems, while taking advantage of energy savings of up to 40%, 30% Federal Tax Credits, 5-Year MACRS depreciation, and generating rapid investment paybacks of 12 to 36 months.”

For additional information, please refer to the  Emerson and SunTrac story posted on

our HVAC page. You can also get a more comprehensive look at SunTrac Solar’s

capabilities and their use of Emerson products by viewing this  Technical Brief.

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