SunTrac featured in the June 2018 The NEWS publication, “High-End Air Conditioning“.

HVAC products produce energy and cost savings

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about high-end air conditioning systems is usually cost. That’s because the words “high end” are often synonymous with expensive. However, that is not always the case, according to Steve Smith, CEO, Enertech Global LLC.

“A high-end HVAC system is energy efficient, which means energy and cost savings over the lifetime of the system, and additionally, the lifetime is longer than a traditional HVAC system,” he said. “While the initial cost of a high-end system may be more, the payback comes in the form of lower energy use and utility bills.”

There are many options in the marketplace when it comes to non-traditional HVAC systems, including geothermal, solar, and VRF. Each of these systems contains features and benefits that propel them into the high-end market.

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Devin Cooley, president and COO, SunTrac USA, said high-end systems should feature and boast energy efficiency, clean and simple interfacing, and elegant and sound construction.

ENERGY SAVINGS: SunTrac Solar’s Hybrid Climate System pairs with high efficiency units for residential and commercial applications to yield 25 to 40 percent energy savings.

“The addition of SunTrac takes a system to the next level,” Cooley said. “Not only are we increasing efficiency, but we are harnessing the power of the sun to impact the planet in a positive way. We are improving today’s best air conditioning technology and boosting performance while being sustainable. Our system, paired with a high-efficiency air conditioner, no matter the brand, is a win-win.”

Cooley noted that sustainability and efficiency are the pillars of today’s high-end market.

“When you can go green while saving green, without sacrificing on quality or performance, you exceed a customer’s needs and expectations,” he said. “What differentiates our system from others on the market are energy efficiency and savings, the sustainability factor, and incentives that help offset the cost of the system. A large advantage is that we are integrated and installed with major HVAC brands, making the choice to go solar high-end an easy choice.”

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