Phoenix Valley Exclusive

Combine Solar Electric (PV) with a

Hybrid Climate System!

What does this mean? It means the best of solar electric generation along with a new hyper efficient air conditioning system.

SunTrac Hybrid Climate Systems utilize the sun’s radiant energy and boost the efficiency of variable speed air conditioners, saving an average of 40% on cooling costs.
  • Lower energy usage
  • Quiet Operation
  • Best Comfort Control
  • Generate your own power
  • Reduce dependency on the grid
  • Go Green!

Solar Electric generation can now offset 60% of the energy profile of your home!


Each system can save up to 40% of cooling costs, extend useful life of AC units, and positively impact the planet.

Tax Credits

Each SunTrac system is eligible for Federal Tax Credits, as well as state incentives.

Must sign up by Dec 31st to Qualify

Zero Down, 1.99% Financing available, and the 26% Federal Tax Credit; $10,000 plus in government incentives.